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The mother liquor left over after the production of salt is rich in bromides. Bromine is extracted from this mother liquor using a steaming out process through a stripping tower made of glass. We are having capacity of 900 TPA . The purity is even higher than ISI standards. After recovery of Liquid Bromine, the left over mother liquor called "Debrominated Bitterns" contains Magnesium Chloride which can be recovered for commercial applications.
We also offer crude bromine for the consumers who do not need a high quality product.
Used as fumigants in the form of alkaline bromides e.g. methyl bromide.
Used for preparation of organic intermediates for manufacture of dyes and a host of organic compounds.
Used in the form of bromocyanogen for treating ores of gold.
Used as catalyst in alkylation and isomerisation reactions in the form aluminium bromide.
Used in antiknock gasoline as ethylene dibromide with tetraethyl lead.
Compounds containing bromine like tetrabromoethane are used in mineral processing plants.
Alkali bromides such as bromochloroethane find use as fire extinguisher.
Bromides of sodium & potassium find use in pharmaceutical industries as mild safe sedatives.
Silver bromides are used in photographic industry.
Lithium and calcium bromides are used as efficient desiccants.
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION: Bromine produced at Kharaghoda
1. Bromine percentage by mass (min) 99.70%
2. Chlorine percentage by mass (max) 0.30%
3. Iodine percentage by mass (max) 0.05%
4. Non-volatile matter percentage by mass NaCl (max) 0.05%
5. Sulphate as SO4-2, percentage by mass (max) 0.015%
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